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Tropical bliss is an exceptional shampoo that makes regular cleaning of vehicles easy. Its great lubrication reduces the risk of scratching and swirl marks. The tutti fruity scented bubbles will cling to the surface removing dirt and grime easily. This product has a dilution rate of up to 1:800. This advanced pH neutral formula will draw away dirt and grime without stripping any existing wax or sealant.


To ensure the risk of inflicting swirl marks into the paintwork is dramatically lowered you will need two buckets with grit guards and a mitt/sponge. Fill one bucket with fresh water, and fill the other about three quarters full and add our Tropical Bliss Shampoo. We recommend a minimum of 25 ml for a 20 L bucket (1:800) to ensure you have a nice soapy mixture. Using a pressure washer or hose fill the rest of the bucket to create the soapy bubbles.

Start cleaning from the top of the vehicle and work your way down. We recommend doing the top half of the car up to the door handles/bonnet/top of rear bumper all the way round the vehicle and then the bottom half. Place your wash mitt into the bucket with shampoo and use light pressure to move the mitt from side to side to remove the dirt. Do not increase the pressure; some areas may just take more time. After cleaning each panel, rinse the mitt in the fresh water bucket to remove any dirt before placing it back in the shampoo solution, and then repeat the process for the rest of the vehicle.

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5 reviews for Tropical Bliss – Luxury Shampoo

  1. Joe Cox

    What a fantastic shampoo! Scent is lovely makes cleaning the car even more fun. The shampoo is a very nice purple red colour. Not too thick either so makes it easy to measure out the correct amount to add to the bucket. The shampoo cleaning power is extremely powerful. I use it on a daily basis with my business. I’ve just order 5l of it as just love it that much. Moving onto the price!! What luke charges is incredible for how great his shampoo is! If you don’t try it. All I can say your going to be missing out on something amazing!

  2. Knight Electrical Services

    Absolutely bang on product, use it to remove tough stained on muck from my work vehicle. Can’t beleive how effortlessly it removes dirt, leaving the van looking exceptional. Also, a big plus is the lack of chemical scent which you normally get stuck with when washing. The smell of all the products is amazing but this is my personal favourite! Such a clever little idea to make the whole experience more pleasurable. Further, the price is exceptional for a product which stacks up shoulder to shoulder with the market leaders. Overall, an exceptional product and I would recommend to anyone.

  3. MxFelstead

    This shampoo is the best I’ve used, the dilution rates are so high and even at 1:800 it can cut through the thick mud and dirt with ease! The smell was very pleasant to work with while washing my car, it made it more enjoyable and fun, After washing this product off it left a very nice shine and honestly looked like I had waxed my car! For the price it can do much more than the other brands on the market and I’m really impressed with this product! I can’t wait to try the whole range!


    A really nice shampoo. Great dilution rate, subtle scent, and very good cleaning power. Not the most lubricious or sudsy, but a very good shampoo nonetheless.

  5. Philip R. (verified owner)

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