Purple Rain – Iron and Fallout Remover

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Iron and Fallout Remover

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Purple Rain is an iron and fallout remover that will quickly dissolve brake dust and other iron contaminates. The pH balanced formula will turn purple when it comes into contact with the ferrous deposits.

Do not let this product dry on any surface.

Do not apply in direct sunlight or in hot conditions.


When applying to any surface, always ensure that it is cool to the touch before application. Spray directly onto the surface area, when a purple colour changing reaction has fully occured, rinse/pressure wash the area throughly. Although our Fallout Remover is essentially a touchless cleaner, heavily contaminated wheels may require agitation with a soft brush before rinsing.

Safety Information

Safety data sheet available on request.

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2 reviews for Purple Rain – Iron and Fallout Remover

  1. Joe Cox

    Purple Rain is a very quick reacting iron full out remover. The minute you spray onto wheels its already turning purple. All I can say it works phenomenally and its really pleasing to use as it doesn’t stink of gone off Eggs like other Full out removers. Another top notch product from L A Car Care as always. #Teamlacarcare

  2. Daniel Hayward

    Brilliant product, eliminates contaminates so quickly and looks good doing it!

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