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Ocean Spray is a pH neutral snow foam that will produce a thick, clingy blanket of foam. It has been formulated to effortlessly lift common exterior vehicle grime, brake dust and traffic film. It is orange in colour and a scent of coconut. Its balanced pH formula also means that it will not strip off waxes or sealant protection.


Depending on the foam thickness, or if economy is required, we recommend between 40-100 ml for a 1 L lance. More product will produce a thicker foam, which will cling to the surface for longer. Top the bottle up with water and gently shake it to ensure the contents are mixed well. Now you can begin to apply the Snow Foam to the vehicle. Try to spread it as efficiently as possible to avoid wasting any product. When the vehicle is covered, allow the foam to stand for 5-10 minutes to ensure it does its job correctly. The length of time depends on the weather conditions. If it is hot or very sunny do not leave the foam on for longer than 5 minutes as it will dry on the surface, and will then be much harder to remove.


Do not allow to dry on surface. Take care when using in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.

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4 reviews for Ocean Spray – Snow Foam


    A real winner from LA Car Care. If you like your foam thick, this will do that. However you like it, this will lift the grime making washing less likely to inflict any damage to your paint.

  2. Joe Cox

    As a Full-Time Valeter, I have used many snow foams from many other companies and they seem to focus on “Scents” & Not cleaning power well L A Car Care certainly have hit the nail on the head with there snow foam, Yes it has a scent but they have made a product why does what its “meant” to do and while smelling lush with there coconut scent. The snowfoam is easy to use and clings to the car in a thick foam dragging down dirt and making it safer to clean a car and less likey to course damage. Thanks L A Car Care you truly have made a fantastic snowfoam which I’m proud to use daily on customers cars! #Teamlacarcare

  3. Philip R. (verified owner)

  4. Stephen Ellis

    After ordering the sample of snow foam. Added to my professional quality lance and used the product as a pre wash. This is excellent very powerful cleaning and good thickness to the foam so it stays on the sides of the vehicle. Will definitely be ordering the full size. Have tried Autosmart and many others. This is the best I’ve tried so far.

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