Where It All Began

L A Car Care was founded in 2017 by two friends from their enthusiasm not only for cars but for car care. We had both used various different products over a number of years and had never found the ‘perfect’ product. We decided the answer to this was to create our own range of detailing products.

Our love of car care started because we didn’t trust other people to wash our cars. Having heard horror stories from people using their local cheap car washes, we decided that what better way to make sure our pride and joy was up to our own standard than to do it ourselves. The majority of people who own a car, use it everyday for a number of different uses and have worked very hard to own this car. Along with the roads and weather conditions, your car will need regular maintenance to keep it looking pristine. So why pay a cheap local car wash to not only ruin your paintwork, but also to not even do the job correctly? L A Car Care products have been made to the highest quality at an affordable price.

The key during the development stages was asking ourselves “Would I use this on my own car?” and “Would I choose this over other well known established brands?” Our brand has been designed from a customer’s point of view, high quality products at very affordable prices that perform exactly how they should. Along with the ‘Mobile Valeting services’ and ‘Detailers’ which have come a long way in the past few years, we want all consumers in the industry to have the best possible products to use.